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Cloth diapers, an intelligent choice

As new parents, we are getting more conscious of the world in which we live and that we would like to offer to our children. If you feel concerned about the environment and you don't feel comfortable to throw away a  full  bag of  dirty diapers every week, the following is for you ! 
  There it is ! joli mini cloth diaper is a new generation diaper, made in Quebec (Canada) by a mom that wanted the best for her baby, just like you ! It's a luxury pocket diaper that is efficient, very easy to use (no soaking required) and, above all, soooo cute !
Your little darling will get lots of attention with these pretty, colorful diapers, that are fun to choose and use  (yes really !) exactly like the rest of his little clothes.  Baby will thank you to take such good care of his little behind in those fluffy, super soft diapers and also to care about the planet on which he will grow up ...
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Excellentes raisons d'utiliser les couches lavables L'entretien des couches joli mini : simple comme bonjour !