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The mommy behind joli mini


I am the mom of two sweet little girls named Charlotte and Abigaëlle. When Charlotte arrived, we started to use disposable diapers, because we didn't know cloth diapers as they are today.
I discovered the wonderful world of cloth diapers one month after her birth...thanks to my good friend Lysanne. She took her time and explainded to me all the available options and gave me lots of helpful advice.
I loved it straight away ! At the beginning, I thought I would use disposable diapers when I am out and about, but it did not last for long; I realised how easy it was and I took the step towards cloth diapers. I just had to bring my wet bag and that was it !  I even got comments from others mommys who thought Charlotte's diapers were so lovely.
I started to make my own diapers for the fun of it. Then, the more it went, the more I received good comments, the more orders I got from people around me that wanted to try cloth diapers. So, I decided to go for it ! I always believed that if other people could do it so could I. I`ve made many tests and will continue to do so. I want my products to be in a constant evolution, to offer the best, to babys and moms !
Now I offer them to you, those little wonders, carefully made for your baby and ... your fun ! I hope that you`ll discover a passion for cloth diapers like I did!

I recently fail in love with tutus, and tried to do some....that was a succes so I decided to offer custom ones just for your little girls!! 

yours truly,
Janie Pelletier.

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