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Home Excellent reasons to use washable diapers

Excellent reasons to use washable diapers

If you are reading about this, you are probably already conscious about the disadvantages of disposable diapers... Here are a few good reasons to go for a greener option.

Take care of your budget

Parents spend between 2000 $ and 2500 $ as an average (around 20$ a week  for 2 years to 2 1/2 years) in disposable between birth and potty training  ! A huge waste if you think that a kit of luxurious joli mini will cost you somewhere between 265$ and 795 $ (depending on your choices). And you save even more if you use them for a second or even a third child !

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Take care of your baby

Disposable are made of many different chemicals that could be potentially hazardous for your child ... Including one that as been removed from hygienic tampons for toxicity and that still remains in trow-away diapers... They also contain bleach,  ultra absorb ant chemical gels, crude oil and more...

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Take care of the planet

Throwaway diapers are a major problem for the environment... Here are a few numbers to help you realize how much ... About 600 millions diapers are rejected every year in landfills in Quebec only, representing about 60 000 tons on garbage ! 

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